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Our Team


Justin Ball- Executive Director

Justin is an alumni of the History Program at Texas State University He has recieved his B.A in History and his M.A. in History with a focus in Public History. His research interests include Texas history and the history of woodworking. He has previously worked at museums and heritage organizations across South, Central Texas including the Alamo and the City of San Antonio's World Heritage Office.

During this time, he worked on projects surrounding the UNESCO World Heritage Designation of the city's five Spanish Colonial Missions and helped to foster greater access to heritage tourism. Two years ago, Justin was featured as a guest curator at Alkek Library at Texas State University where he produced a highly acclaimed historic exhibit entitled "Catching the Chain: Life and death in Texas Prisons 1845-2017" as part of Texas State University's Common Experience program.

Michelle Ramstack- Weekend Manager

Michelle is currently attending Texas State University to earn her M.A. in Public History. Her interests include oral history and cultural resource management and she brings with her extensive experience in staffing small house museums from her past position at The Custom House Museum, run by her alma mater, Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.

In her graduate studies so far she has participated in several oral history projects including the experiences of transgender individuals on the Texas State campus and life on the Shield Ranch during the 1950s. She presented a paper at the Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference 2018 for the first project and plans to present at the Texas Oral History Association this coming April for the second. Michelle also served as a project director for the Texas State Shield Ranch Project and site report in Spring 2018.

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The Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture values the Volunteer Docents who work hard every day to ensure that the museum is staffed and ready to provide patrons with a world class experience when they visit. Pictured here is Mrs. Jackie Heitkamp and Mrs. Helgard Hollis, the two remaining active Charter Docents who have been working at the museum for the past 34 years! Their dedication to our mission is commendable and demonstrates the ethics and values that we as an organization strive to put into action in everything that we take on.